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He entered politics in as an independent member for Sherbrooke County in the legislature of the united province of Canada. He was knighted for public services in and died in Montreal on Sept. He was one of the pioneers of the philosophy of Confederation.

Despite his junior rank, Galt made a shrewd analysis of the prospects for the project, which was no longer bringing in anything to its British shareholders. At that time he was able to see that the future British North America Act included a clause guaranteeing the educational rights of the religious minorities in all the provinces, with recourse to the central government should a province alter these rights.

It seemed clear to everyone that this able administrator was marked for advancement to senior office in England and would not be coming back. Chronic health problems late in life forced him to limit his activities after He died at home in Montreal on September 19, Contribution to Confederation: Unable to speak, he communicated with his near relatives in writing.

The company was short of capital, however, and had to turn to the government. As minister of Finance, he reversed many of his earlier policies, promoting trade within the British Empire.

His father was the agent for a Canadian land company, and young Galt himself went to Canada in as a clerk in the British American Land Company, which owned half a million acres of land in the Eastern Townships, between the St.

Able to control situations with enough detachment to grasp their manifold complexities, expert in making the most intricate plans understandable to his audience, gifted with great skill in negotiating, he managed to reach the top rank among politicians of the generation that brought the Canadian confederation into being, on a par with John A.

He sat through the stormy session ofwhen the Parliament buildings in Montreal were burned, after the passage of the Rebellion Losses Bill.

This grant led Galt and his partners to take an interest also in using the lands for agriculture and in making a start on a large-scale system of irrigation for the region. Galt also played a part in securing the inclusion in the Quebec resolutions of a clause protecting the existing rights of religious minorities in regard to educational privileges.

Alexander Tilloch Galt, who was of Scottish descent, spent his early years with his brothers John and Thomas partly in the London area, partly in Scotland. Thus, from the first outline of the proposed confederation in to the final draft of the basic document inGalt left the mark of his broad vision, but also of his political realism, on the process that gave birth to the new Canadian state.

Alexander Tilloch Galt

Reflecting the opinion of his English-speaking constituentshe did not support the bill compensating citizens for losses incurred by French-Canadians during the rebellion.

Little encouragement followed this formal appeal. He had a splendid residence in Sherbrooke, called Rockmount, where he had the honour of receiving the Prince of Wales in He was also a partner in the railway construction firm of C.

At this time the climax of the deadlock had not been reached, but political rivalries and racial jealousies were fast bringing about an impasse. Hardy, From Sea unto Sea: Cartier implemented his promise, and Galt and John Ross were sent to England.

For years these talents were used in the service of his superiors in the British American Land Company and of shareholders in other enterprises.

Alexander Tilloch Galt

Additional Sources Otter, A.Apache/ (Ubuntu) Server at Port Alexander Tilloch Galt, who was of Scottish descent, spent his early years with his brothers John and Thomas partly in the London area, partly in Scotland.

His childhood and adolescence were steeped in the curious mix of adventure, literary creation, and speculative enterprises that fell to his father’s lot. It is because of Sir Alexander Tilloch Galt that Canadians spend dollars and cents, rather than the British-style pounds, shilling and pence.

Sir Alexander Tilloch Galt, GCMG CB PC (September 6, – September 19, ), was a politician and a father of Canadian Confederation. He was born in Chelsea, England, the son of a Scottish novelist and colonizer, John Galt, by his wife Elizabeth, only daughter of Alexander Minister: John A.


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Sir Alexander Tilloch Galt () was a Canadian politician responsible for the financial provisions of Canadian federation as well as for some of Canada's first steps in diplomacy. Alexander Galt was born in Chelsea, London, on Sept. 6,the youngest son of John Galt, the Scottish novelist.

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Sir Alexander Tilloch Galt

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Sir alexander tilloch galt biography essay
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