An analysis of impact of external environment factors on hainan international ltd and its strategy o

To lower costs, Delta has introduced low fares that can only be found on its website requiring customers to buy tickets directly from the website.

Labor union negotiating power is equally high. Delta also has the aircraft to support the increase and is creating more luxurious cabins for the intercontinental flight.

What Are Internal & External Environmental Factors That Affect Business?

Third Alternative Delta should identify the routes that consistently have the greatest number of empty seats and choose three to twelve times per year to discount fares on those routes in order to fill the vacancies.

Routes heavily flown by multiple airlines increase the availability of substitutes and therefore, are more likely to offer competitive prices. With the new focus on homeland security in the United States, the terrorist attacks ofa global recession, and anomalies such as the SARS virus; the airline industry had found itself in a state of turmoil Airline Industry, Of course, with the economic troubles over the years and the desire to compete with some of the lower fares carriers, they had to cut back on some the customer service features they had always been known for.

For example, companies based in different countries, or whose manufacturing takes place in different countries, are impacted in different ways by the political and economic environment. Suppliers have a huge impact on your costs.

External Environmental Factors in Business by Justin Beach - Updated September 26, Good business management is not only a matter of how an individual deals with the factors they can control but about how they respond to the things they cannot.

Business travelers are very profitable for Delta airlines because they tend to buy their tickets at the last minute when prices are higher and their schedules are not flexible enough to change flights. Brand name recognition and frequent flier points play a significant role in the airline industry.

Now even with record loads, airlines still cannot cope with the high price of fuel. Companies have had to respond to this demand in terms of what kind of products they produce, how those products are packaged and how and where they produce those products.

The writers of this case study believe that Delta should implement this plan beginning January 1, The three airlines being compared are: The ability for an airline to switch suppliers is limited and could incur extreme, bank-breaking costs.

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All three of these competitors are trying to increase their market share through various means; customer service, reducing costs through economies of scale, temporary price reductions in air fares, labor cost management, profit, revenue and more.

Opportunities can include an unfulfilled need of consumers or new technological arrivals, according to the article "SWOT Analysis" at quickmba.

Statement of the Business Mission b.

External Environment SWOT Analysis

In some cases, companies who are doing exporting in other counties they have to follow the international laws also. The company generates cargo revenues in domestic and international markets primarily through the use of cargo space on regularly scheduled passenger aircraft.

Magnitude of the Problem There are some challenges Delta must overcome in order to increase their profit margin by two percentage points in the next three years. Who the customers are B2B or B2C, local or international, etc. The photo-sharing site "Art of the Trench" created a credible customer reputation Figure 6.

These two market segments require two different strategies.

External Environmental Factors in Business

They have 13 different features or programs to entice business travelers to choose to fly with them, from Corporate Plus, Group Plus, Pass Plus, Perks Plus and Reward Miles to name just a few.

Their objectives are to continue being the domestic industry leader in point-to-point, low-cost fares, while trying to take market share from its hub and spoke competitors. United Airlines Company Information. This option is the most viable option for Delta to increase profits by two percent during the next three fiscal years.

A cutthroat culture where every employee competes with one another creates a different environment from a company that emphasizes collaboration and teamwork. It has enabled Delta to establish the brand as an industry leader in some aspects including becoming a founding partner in Orbitz Delta Airlines, A PESTLE analysis is one of the most effective frameworks available for understanding the ‘big picture’ and external environment in which an organisation operates.

It’s essential for HR practitioners to have a clear understanding of these external factors, as it better informs strategic planning decisions.

that these factors affect strategy implementation, each factor’s impact is at a different level and carries a different force. Lorange () stated that human resources are becoming the key focus of strategy implementation and.

External Environment General The airline industry is a fast growing sector demonstrating a very strong growth rate. It is associated with a number of social and economic benefits and is a growing contributor to the global inventory (Whitelegg, ).

[Web of Science ®] [Google Scholar]) further commented that the ability of SWOT analysis to integrate internal and external environments of a business allows effective strategy formulation. Pickton and Wright ( Pickton, D. W. and Wright, S. External forces are factors outside the organization that are beyond a company's control.

These factors impact each business and industry differently, which only increases the importance of how. The flaw of the Stage 1 DEA model is that it cannot separate the effects of external environmental factors, stochastic errors, and internal management factors on efficiency values, so the resulting efficiency estimates cannot accurately reflect the efficiencies caused by internal management or external environmental factors and random errors.

An analysis of impact of external environment factors on hainan international ltd and its strategy o
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